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experiencing the land through hospitality

We have so much gratitude for all of our guests of the 2018 season. Our 2019 Experiences will be posted on December 1st - we look forward to the questions and adventures of next year with you all.

We believe deeply in the power of immersive experiences with the land.  Our hospitality embraces luxury amidst ruggedness & refinement amidst the wild and welcomes friends, family, and strangers. Hosting, conversation, eating, cooking, and welcoming are all aspects of hospitality that we practice in different combinations - we seek to respond to the call of the space, the culture, and the land above all else.

The Guest House is a curator of land-based experiences that connect people to agriculture, fine food, and immersive lodging experiences.  We are rooted in Southwestern Colorado while following the adventure of partnering with other communities that carry a depth of culture - arts, food, foraging, hunting, farming, storytelling - because of their own continued stewardship & relationship to their land.

Inspired by our grandparents, our parents, and those who have worked before us, The Guest House is carving new paths that are informed by old practices, and inspired by the substance of the Colorado landscape.